Slide INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE REAL LIVES BETTER Anderson-Apparel-Group, you’ll get to shop for the latest Anderson Hoodies, Crewneck Sweatshirts and Branded Apparel ,and be among the first to know about new trends. Even if you are not sure of what you want, our e-shop has got several ways to help you identify your needs. With our large selection of trending goods, you're likely to find something that you'll love. Anderson Apparel Group Slide INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE REAL LIVES BETTER Brooklyn Silicon Valley Television plans to focus on Brooklyn's booming UrbanTech, Creative Tech and cutting-edge research and education. In the last ten years, Our goal is to become the go-to destination for highlighting small- to medium-sized start-ups in Brooklyn and the Tri-State area. Profiles of business owners and how they overcame start-up challenges, insightful interviews with business experts and investors. Access to our content is free of charge thanks to advertising-based revenue. Brooklyn Silicon Valley Television
Slide INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE REAL LIVES BETTER SPARKLE OF INSPIRATION (SOI) founded by Richard K Anderson Founder Original short-form nonfiction films that aim to be consistently informative, inspiring and engaging. Original short-form nonfiction films that inspire
Cinematic work that tells the stories of inspiration and triumph
Films that will lift your spirits and fuel positive thinking
Powerful stories about courage and perseverance
Stories that make us laugh, make us cry and even make us cheer
Sparkle Of Inspiration
Slide INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE REAL LIVES BETTER The World’s First Women’s Business Internet Television Network “Women’s Business Television” this new online channel will target women with a passion and desire for business and entrepreneurship. Women’s Business Television is another important milestone in the evolution of Digital TV , and our goal is to make “Women’s Business Television” one of the best destinations for women’s said Richard Anderson, President of Anderson’s Digital Television Network). will provide a mix of original and acquired programming that is vibrant, relevant to its audience, and true to the spirit of women and business.
Women's Business Television
Slide INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT TO MAKE REAL LIVES BETTER " The Quiet Vinyl" and Anderson’s Media Group Partner To Launch Brand New Online Radio Station. "The Quiet Vinyl" will play a mix of (Smooth Jazz, Classic R&B and tributes to our Jazz Greats, with the goal of bringing you the perfect vibe to relax. The station is available online at and

" The Quiet Vinyl" Radio Station will be operated , managed and hosted by Richard K. Anderson "Enjoy the Music"
The Quiet Vinyl
Slide Always Crowded Television is planning to produce a segment on the phenomenon of waiting in line for food, titled "Crazy Food Lines Worth the Wait". With hundreds of restaurants in New York City alone, some are so amazing that people are willing to wait in line for a considerable amount of time. The show will feature interviews with customers, highlight some of the most recognizable names, as well as introduce viewers to new and lesser-known establishments. The program will also explore the question of how long people are willing to wait in line for their favorite meals. Access to this content will be free of charge, thanks to our advertising-based revenue model. The Quiet Vinyl